Widely Known as Arad

Not only is Arad a leading character in the world of marketing, but he also is an expert investor and stock analyst. After witnessing success with his own business, Arad is here to show other owners the way of consistent growth. It is through this passion and consistent dedication that Arad has evolved with such techniques and managed to learn and overcome the most complex-level of coding and internet marketing strategies with both informal and formal learning in the field. Connect with Arad to discuss your business venture and design a website and application that serves your business’s purpose quickly and efficiently.

Skills & Endorsements

Programming & Marketing

Based on over a decade of experience and independently starting his own business, Arad is proficient in a myriad of code and programming languages, as well as the most updated international marketing strategies to heighten the relevance of a company at all times.


Developing & Managing

As one of the most prominent digital marketing consultants in the  southern United States, Arad Ghodrati developed TechoMarket in 2017, serving hundreds of clients since as well as guiding other entrepreneurs who seek to launch startups.


Graduated From UGA

Arad graduated from the University of Georgia (UGA), United States with a bachelor’s degree specialized in computer science and has over a decade of programming and marketing experience, which he now shares with his followers and clients internationally.



Due to various instances of input in the world of entrepreneurship, Arad has been recognized by countless companies acknowledging his work, such as Yahoo Finance, AP News, Qatar Airways, Fandom, and more.
Arad Ghodrati