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Arad Ghodrati

Iranian-American Entrepreneur

Arad Ghodrati

Widely Known as Arad

Arad is the founder, CEO, CTO, Chief designer, and early investor of TechoMarket (TM), a worldwide digital marketing company. He was born in Shiraz, Iran on December 19th 1995, and moved to the United States in 2012. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Arad founded TM, and he is now one of the most prominent digital marketing consultants in the Southeastern region of the United States. Continuing to expand his skills in the technological world, he is known for overseeing the growth of many existing and new companies, as well as his exceptional position in the international field of business.


Founder, CEO & CTO of TM

Arad has continued to experiment with technological advancements ever since. After all, the constant change that takes place in the world of programming and code is not to be ignored. Irrespective of the content management system that your website is using, Arad can modify the old brand and streamline it according to your needs. Similarly, if you want to establish your say in the digital world, his company, TechoMarket, familiar with the most updated standards, techniques, and platforms to empower your business website completely, will be your website developer.


Arad's Company

TechoMarket is a digitalized marketing and development company focused on helping companies grow and evolve in the online world. Founder and CEO, Arad Ghodrati started programming and web design at the age of 12. After using his skill to help many companies flourish in the world of marketing, he soon combined his love for programming and business, thus creating TechoMarket. It is through his Digital Marketing company that Ghodrati and his team can utilize leading digital marketing strategies to assist businesses of any size to seek growth, regardless of their current status.
Arad Ghodrati